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Ma'ema'e Summer Program: Week 4

Summer School

Kindergarteners created their very own stained glass sun mosaics made from colorful paper squares! This activity was a part of this week's global learning theme: Italy! (click on the arrows to scroll through the gallery)

3rd graders were hard at work as they challenged one another with questions about fractions on a fun online learning platform & continued to explore The Lemonade War.

2nd graders completed cool ice cream cones where each scoop represents a number that the students have practiced skip counting by! They also acted out short vocabulary skits - a creative way to remember the meanings of new words!

More photos of our awesome 1st graders , working on a sweet "synonym roll" activity, learning from the special invasive species presentation, and smiling with their awesome Father's Day gifts! (click on the arrows on the left & right sides of the large photo to scroll through the gallery)

4th grade students applied their knowledge of decimals and fractions this week to create their own artwork. (click the arrows to scroll through the photos)

🥟 Kids in the Kitchen summer edition: Won Ton of Fun! 🥟

Thank you for those of you who tuned into our Youtube live event on Friday. We hope you had fun creating and eating all kinds of dumplings with us!

You can watch the Won Ton of Fun recording by clicking the green button below:

Click the yellow button below to submit photos of your dumpling making process and yummy creations!:

Huge shout out to Mr. Chin, Mrs. Kumashiro, Mrs. Ushiroda, Aunty Chris, the Ogomori's, Mr. Fujimoto, and Mr. T for making this special event possible!!!


Enrichment Program

The students of Ms. Toyama's class explored a variety of art motifs this weeks. These are samples of their mosaic tile, fireworks, and chalk water pieces.

Ms. Emily's students made eye-catching penny spinners from recycled cardboard, paper, and a penny.

Makua Alaka'i's students experienced beat-making with an ipu (a Hawaiian percussion instrument) and made honu petroglyphs.

Action shots of some speedy kindergarteners in Ms. Kylie's PE class as they played a game of sharks and minnows!


Enrichment students, please wear shoes for PE on the following days:

Kindergarten: 6/22 - 6/29

Grade 1: 6/30 - 7/8

Coming Soon: Summer School Spirit Week!

When: Friday July 1st - Friday July 8th

What: Fun dress days and activities to end our summer school program!


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