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Distance Learning Registration

Maʻemaʻe School will be providing a Distance Learning opportunity and we are looking at using one of the following programs: Acellus, ASU, or Lincoln Empowered. We will inform you which platform we will be using once we review and decide which best fits our school’s needs.

Please understand that if you choose to enroll in the Distance Learning program, you must agree to the terms and conditions below:

  • Maʻemaʻe teachers will not be giving direct instruction online. All distance learning activities will be exclusively through the online program selected by the school.

  • You will need approval from administration if you wish to access, attend, and/or participate in school activities. You will not be able to freely attend school activities due to social distancing planning.

  • Breakfast and lunch service will be available. The school must be notified by 8:15am daily if you intend to send your child for lunch.

  • Students will be monitored by our school personnel for the purpose of grading only, but will not receive any reminders, instruction, or other direction from the school.

  • Final grades will be completed by the teacher assigned to monitor distance learning students. Grades will only be given for the subject areas covered by the online program, and students will receive an N/A for all standard areas not covered by the program.

  • Once enrolled in the Distance Learning program, students must remain in the program for the duration of that grading period, which at minimum will be until the end of the quarter. Students may return to the face-to-face program on campus only at the start of a new quarter. Parents shall submit a request in writing to withdraw from Distance Learning.

  • School-owned devices may be loaned to students upon request. Requests can be made through the registration form (link below). An additional form must be completed before devices can be issued. The device pick-up date will be announced at a later date.

Should you be interested in registering your child your Distance Learning, here is the link to sign up. The form must be e-signed and returned no later than July 24th for first quarter enrollment.

Once you’ve completed the sign-up form, we will email you a form via Adobe Sign to e-sign acknowledging the terms and conditions of the distance learning program. As more information becomes available, we will email families.

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