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  • How do I enroll my child at Maʻemaʻe?
    Visit the HIDOE website on student enrollment, which includes the School Finder to see if you live in district, documents required for enrollment, and other important information. In-district residents may enroll beginning on February 1st. GE applications for those who reside outside of the district may submit those to the child's home school beginning in January. Our school requires additional forms which can be viewed on our registration page.
  • How and when can I apply for a Geographic Exception (GE)?
    GE applications are accepted beginning in January, and are due by March 1st to the child's home school. If your current residence is NOT in the Maʻemaʻe district, you must send your application to the school in your district. Use the HIDOE school finder tool to determine what school your child would attend based on your current residence. Further information about the GE process can be found through the link below.
  • We are moving into the district soon and wish to enroll our child at Maʻemaʻe. How and when should we do that?
    Once you've established residence and have all of the proper documentation showing you live in district, you can begin the enrollment process. Refer to the HIDOE website on enrollment for a list of documents required. Our school requires additional forms which you can get through the Registration page
  • How do I apply for Free or Reduced Lunch?
    You can get the application through the School Meals page.
  • How do I deposit money into my child's meal account?
    Visit the School Meals page to access the online payment portal. You may also submit payment at the school office. Cash and check payments only. Checks should be made payable to the Department of Education.
  • What kinds of after school programs are available at Maʻemaʻe?
    Please see the list of programs on the General Info section. The list of programs changes periodically.
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