30 Second Talent Show

Share a song or a dance or play an instrument or anything!  As long as you keep within the thirty second rule.  NOTE:  To follow the CDC’s social distancing guidelines, these must be solo performances only (the only exception being siblings living in the same household).


Submit a video (.mov or .mp4 formats only) by completing the entry form below. All entries must be submitted by April 30th.

The top entries will be featured in a video to be shared through our school website.

Talent Show Entry Form​

30 Second PSA Challenge

The Coronavirus health crisis has created many problems around the globe.

But the simplest and most effective practices to remain safe remain close to home:  social distancing (stay home!), hand washing and just staying healthy (eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, keeping in contact with people through phone or computer, etc.)

Your challenge is to create a thirty-second PSA (Public Service Announcement) reminding people about how to protect themselves and others from this deadly virus.

You can incorporate music, visuals (drawing or poster), singing, dancing whatever you’d like to use to get your message across.  Be creative!

We’ll post them on our school website and update it periodically.

PSA Challenge Entry Form