Student Learning during COVID-19

The school is currently closed, including the school office. Spring break has been extended for students until April 30th. Please visit this page for information on how instruction and learning will take place starting on 3/30. Keep in mind that the resources posted here are only general enrichment assignments and resources that can be done at home. More specific assignments and information may be coming directly from teachers via Google Classroom, by email, or through other electronic means. Assignments are not available for pick-up in the school office at this time. Students and family members are not to come on campus during the school closure.

This page will be updated as more information and resources become available. Please check periodically for updates.

Letter from Mr. Uyeda and General Curriculum

Reading with Magnifying Glass


Girl with Pink Lollipop

Grade 2

Boy with DIY Robot

Grade 5

Kids' Paintings


(All grades)

Science Courses


(All grades)


Hawaiian Studies

(All grades)

Children Reading the Holy Bible


Boys at School

Grade 3

Chalkboard with Different Languages

EL Students

Music Class


(All grades)

Father and daughter at computer


(All grades)


Counselors Corner

Raising Hands

Grade 1

Kids Doing Homework

Grade 4

Science and Technology Class

Special Needs Students

Little League Baseball Game


(All grades)

Teenagers in Library


(All grades)

Additional Learning Resources

The following learning resources may be helpful and fun for kids. Some of these resources are not managed or reviewed by the school and use is at your discretion.

Tech Support

Trouble signing in to your student google account?



Educational Resources from Rep. Kitagawa and Rep. Matayoshi

HIDOE Parent/Student Information



Mystery Doug

Reading and Language Arts

Ma'ema'e Library (links for books, National Geographic, etc.)

Audible (Free audio books)

Scholastic Learn at Home

Sora (books online)


Math Manipulatives

PE and Health

Kids Guide to Coronavirus

Counseling and Emotional Support during COVID-19

Ohana and Caregiver Information

Talking to Children about COVID-19

Parent and Caregiver Guide

World Health Organization Parent Resource