Parking and School Map


Parking at the school is limited and we strongly encourage our Ma`ema`e Ohana to follow school parking and traffic rules to keep the children and adults safe in our parking lots, sidewalks and streets around the school campus.


You can help also! We ask for your cooperation by following the rules:


  • Parking is allowed only in stalls labeled visitor. Staff parking is reserved for the teachers. Many parents also park along Kawananakoa Place and walk up Ma`ema`e Lane.

  • Parking in the handicap zone is allowed only for cars with a handicap permit.

  • You may drop your child off at the bus shelter on the Wyllie Street side of the campus or at the Ma`ema`e Lane crosswalk near the cafeteria. A JPO will escort your child(ren) to their classroom by request.

  • Stopping or parking in front of the Wyllie fire station or in the parking lot located in the back of the fire station fronting the “Big Field” is not allowed. The fire department has been a support to our school for many years and we’d like to continue our partnership with them. Any car parked in front or on the property will be towed immediately.

  • Slow down when you drive. This is a designated school zone.

  • Be courteous and listen to the JPO's who volunteer their time to keep our campus roads safe.


We the students, faculty, staff, parents and community at Ma`ema`e School practice the Ohana Values. When it comes to the safety of everyone, let’s take responsibility! Be cooperative, show our Aloha and be the best that we can be because it is “a kakou thing!”