School Meal Program


Meal Prices


Student Breakfast: $1.10

  • Second Breakfast: $2.40

Adult Breakfast: $2.40

Student Lunch:  $2.50

  • Second Lunch: $5:50

Adult Lunch:  $5.50

*Breakfast and Lunch include a 1/2 pint milk

Milk Only: $0.80

Breakfast and Lunch Drive-Thru Pickup

All school-aged children will be able to get a lunch and breakfast (for the next day) via drive-thru grab and go service. Pick-up will be from 10:30 a.m. on Ma'ema'e Lane near the Cafeteria and will end when we run out of food. All meals are first-come, first-served. No pre-orders will be taken. Please be sure to display your placard(s) with your child's name on the driver's side dashboard so we know who you are picking up for before you arrive. All non-Ma'ema'e students will need to provide proof of age (e.g. student ID, birth certificate, school schedule, report card). The blue placard will only be accepted for Ma'ema'e students when picking up at Ma'ema'e.

If we run out of food, the nearest alternate sites are Pauoa Elementary, Lanakila Elementary, and Kawananakoa Middle School. You will need to provide a school ID or other form of ID at those sites. They will not accept the placards issued by our school as proof of age.

Payments for the school meal program can be made in the school office between 7:30 and 4:00 p.m. OR by clicking on the button above and completing payment online. If paying in the school office, please pay by cash or check (made payable to Ma'ema'e Elementary School).