School Meal Program


Meal Prices


Student Breakfast: $1.10

  • Second Breakfast: $2.40

  • Adult Breakfast: $2.40

Student Lunch:  $2.50

  • Second Lunch: $5.50

  • Adult Lunch:  $5.50

*Breakfast and Lunch include a 1/2 pint milk

Milk Only: $0.90

Breakfast and Lunch

Maemae Elementary School will serve breakfast (7:30-8:30 a.m.) and lunch (11:15 a.m. -12:15 p.m.).

Meals are free of charge to children ages 18 years and younger, Monday through Friday, with the exception of June 10 (King Kamehameha Day) and July 4 (Independence Day). Summer meals are on-campus dining only, not grab and go. Meal recipients do not have to be enrolled at a public school. Meals may only be consumed by the child. Sorry, no sharing of leftovers. These are Federal guidelines that we must adhere to or risk the possibility of losing this benefit. 

Students Enrolled in Maemae Summer School are expected to be in class by 8:00am, so please plan accordingly. They will be supervised by summer school staff, therefore, parents don’t need to accompany their child.

Students Not Enrolled in Maemae Summer School may be accompanied by an adult. On campus parking will be available. Social distancing and mask wearing mandates will be enforced. 

At this time, payments for school meals are not necessary.

If payment requirements should resume (unknown at this time), payments for the school meal program can be made in the school office between 7:30 and 4:00 p.m. OR by clicking on the button above and completing payment online. If paying in the school office, please pay by cash or check (made payable to Ma'ema'e Elementary School).

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